Glory Tower

Taichung, Taiwan

The Glory tower in Taichung has been designed to reflect and compliment the urban environment in which it sits. The design responds to the building’s classical architecture by focusing on symmetry, order and a high level of detail.
The detailing in the space is familiar and lasting; however the proportion and order are interpreted in a truly modern sense. This adds to the timelessness, elegance and beauty of the public spaces. They are comfortable, yet formal, which blends well in this sophisticated residential experience.
The foundation for this design approach is a classic black and crème color scheme. This creates a dramatic backdrop for rich fabrics in neutral tones as well as elegant materials. A circular geometric inlay of black marble becomes the entry statement that frames the reception. Unique glass and polished metal chandeliers respond to architectural details in the overall concept of the space, making this a well appointed and elegant living room.

Glory Tower Images