Hilton Wutai Resort & Villas

Wutai, China *UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Design Approach is Influenced, Inspired, and enlightened by the Rich Cultural History of ShanXi Provence. Throughout Concept and Planning for the Interior Spaces, properties of Scale, Proportion, Symmetry, Order, Balance, Weight, Rhythm, Pattern, Layers, Framing, Procession and Symbol showed significance, as found in the History of Chinese Architecture and Design.
The Design Intent was to create interior space influenced and derived from traditional Chinese architecture, art and design. Not to historicize or represent literally, but to abstract and compose in a modern contemporary tone. The simple modern forms of the interior architecture create a canvas and compliment the rich materials, sophisticated patterns, ornate carvings, refined furnishings, elegant appointments and museum pieces of the Interior Design. Together they create a sense of luxury, comfort, Place, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Contemplation, and Celebration.

Hilton Wutai Resort & Villas Images