Kempinski Hotel

Yinchuan, China


A modern oasis. Located in the western Chinese province of Ningxia, Yinchuan Kempinski is a symbol of the future, in a brand new section of the city. Throughout the property, clean lines and luxurious materials are complemented by modern art reflecting the cultural achievements of the XiXia Dynasty. The lobby and entry pay homage to the Dynasty’s breathtaking Imperial Palace, so guests experience a heightened sense of drama and Chinese grandeur. Modern minimalism meets Islamic architecture in the fitness center, designed to feel like a high-end spa. The unique blend of modern and traditional motifs provides guests a sense of place that pays respect to the cultural contributions of the Muslim population of Yinchuan. Here, and throughout the hotel, the elements add up to a soothing and relaxing environment that creatively incorporates natural matierials, and celerates Chinese culture.

Kempinski Hotel Images