Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel

Dallas, TX, USA

Developed from the historic oil and cattle industries, Addison is home to busy commuters and tourists looking to immerse themselves in the local culture. A growing art community of theatre, fine art, music, and food supports tourism and enhances the local culture. Designers used the rich history, creative culture, and movement of the city as inspiration to shape the new design concept.

Artistic elements reflecting both history and modern culture are woven throughout the design. In the lobby, sophisticated design meets classic Texan flare. Stallions adorn the reception wall, and the carpet mimics the pattern found on cowboy boots. The restaurant's refined furniture and color palette pair well with subtle, culturally inspired elements. Lamps that imitate oil rigs and dividers made up of saddle straps add character and home in on the locale. In the guestrooms, locally inspired art and embellishments complement the modern furnishings.

Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel Images