Ritz-Carlton Al Sharq Resort and Spa

Doha, Qatar


A five-star international destination. The design team faced two distinct challenges: Design a five-star luxury property authentic to Qatari culture and create a unique sense of place to meet the needs of the contemporary luxury traveler. We balanced clean, modern details, as seen in the bathrooms and terraces, with native Qatari touches, to create a property of timeless and international appeal. Steeped in detail and tradition, the layout was based on a traditional Qatari village, with ornate courtyards, beautiful furnishings, and treasures that may have found their way from the seaports. We created intimate and memorable experiences throughout the public spaces, and working closely with the local architectural group, we created a balance between five-star amenities and authenticity. Throughout the hotel, we blended Arabian tradition and hospitality with impressive modern amenities, to design a luxurious and authentic environment.

Ritz-Carlton Al Sharq Resort and Spa Images