DiLeonardo awarded with IIDA NE’s Best of Rhode Island 2019

DiLeonardo receives the award for Best of Rhode Island for the renovation of the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Toledo, Ohio.

“The New England Chapter aids in assembling,mobilizing, and elevating local design professionals, offering continuing education,advocacy, and networking opportunities to an engaged membership. Central to these activities is a spirit of celebration, honoring the impactful, human-centric work that you create each and every day. A reflection of this core purpose, the Design Awards provide us with an opportunity to celebrate interior environments from across the region that bring people, place and purpose to the forefront.”

— Cheryl S. Durst, Executive Vice President + CEO, IIDA

About the Project

This hotel is a perfect reflection and balance of what makes the city authentic, culturally rich and a great place to visit for business or pleasure. Nicknamed “The Glass City” due to the legacy this industry left in the region, there was a strong focus to incorporate glass and its natural properties.

Under Glass

Typically, in interior architecture, glass tends to be used to dissolve boundaries but Designers transformed these material challenges into design opportunities. This vision is seen through the bouncing and reflecting of light in the lobby, sky windows, and multi-faceted patterned glass and colors dispersing light, producing simple, yet strong focal points. The design sets forth to reflect transparency, uniqueness to express the pulse of the rejuvenated city and creating visual enticing details that lend themselves to modern lifestyles.


All inspirations are joined in a cohesive design, transforming an ordinary hotel to one iconic reflection of what truly depicts Toledo and what it has to offer. Modern influences and technology are seamlessly integrated throughout the public spaces with minimal, yet thoughtful details to add visual interest and dimension. The design incorporates multi-cultural references from the neighborhood, and reflects the pulse of the city with an environment for social interaction. Wired bookshelves, digital marquees, hide-away seating, and print-writing on the ceiling are few examples of the contemporary, yet inviting design elements.

The guestrooms were inspired by the local artistic community and authentic interpretations, assembling a dynamic and unique expression. Celebrating the city’s energy and rhythmic flare in every detail; from the table tops composed of local woods and craftsmanship glass finishes. Toledo’s history is infused through mixed wall art with other locally curated artful pieces, promoting the city’s charm and providing guests with a sense of adventure and curiosity to

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