Staying on track through Coronavirus Pandemic

As a global company, our first priority is our responsibility to keep our Great Staff, Clients, Collaborators, and Partners safe around the world.

We have been preparing and working towards this goal over the past several weeks. Our offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Manila, and the USA have had similar, but unique challenges based upon the realities on the ground.

We have adjusted quickly and want to share what this means for our Team, Clients, and Partners:

  • Communication- We are excellent communicators.  We have charged our team to enhance proactive communication to optimize collaboration.
  • Commitment-  Our team is committed to our deadlines and responsibilities.  There should be no slippage or delay in response as part of normal business.
  • Connectivity-  We have made a tremendous investment in our global network over the past several years.  A combination of cloud-based collaboration tools, SharePoint sites, and replicated networks allow us to work seamlessly from any location with internet.

As we all work through the next days and weeks to come, please ask us what we can do to help support the work and projects we love to do.  We are in a passion-based business and we are as committed as ever to support our team and deliver great design and service.

Some specific points:

  • Your DI project team members and key contacts remain available via email, telephone and will also be using video conferencing more frequently.
  • Our teams are working remotely and we have restricted all non-essential travel.
  • We will be evaluating the progress of our projects and team communication with you, our client, regularly to ensure that this is a seamless transition.

Should you, yourself have any changes in protocol put in place to deal with this situation, please let us know and we are happy to work through it together.

If there are any specific concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team, one of our Partners, or myself directly.

On behalf of the entire Dileonardo Team and their Families, thank you for your Partnership and Trust.

Stay safe and please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

My Best to All,

James Lehouiller
Managing Partner/CEO