Introducing DiCollective: for the common good

DiLeonardo launches a new studio, DiCollective: Elevating our everyday and celebrating community.

After 50 years of creating the world-renowned interior architectural design, DiLeonardo is launching its newest studio, DiCollective—a design solution crafting communities such as large-scale residences, workspace, campus, and independent living spaces. With a dedicated team focused on design excellence and client experience, they provide creative solutions that redefine personal space. In our rapidly changing world, DiCollective recognizes the need for thoughtful spaces that combine efficiencies in planning and operations with comfort and usability.

“We are eager to take on this new market and use a holistic approach, from beginning to end, to creatively deliver design solutions.”

— James Lehouiller, Managing Partner and CEO of DiLeonardo International.

This new studio specializes in creating multifunctional and adaptable spaces that cater to the way we live, work, and play at home. Innovation and adaptability are at the forefront of DiCollective’s mission. Combining modern interior architecture technologies with their in-house branding and marketing services, DiCollective fosters client collaboration from concept to completion. DiCollective brings the same intentionality and expertise of DiLeonardo while offering value-added design services that positively impact everything from sales and schedules to the bottom line.

Learn more about the inception of DiCollective here.