DiLeonardo Captures Tradition in Modern Oasis – Grand Hyatt Al Khobar

Situated near the world-famous Al-Ahsa Oasis, the hotel’s design draws from the nearby natural wonder with its central courtyard; an oasis within the lobby, all day dining restaurant, and ballroom. The courtyard not only provides the guest with an area of calm escape during cooler months but allows sunlight to flood into the core of the building creating a light and relaxed ambiance. This ethereal quality is enhanced by the careful selection of a natural and subtle palette of materials and finishes. The interplay between interior and exterior is heightened by an impressive screen crafted in glass, with abstracted palm leaf detailing, which forms a focal backdrop to the lobby reception desks whilst allowing a visual connection to the courtyard beyond. The area’s diverse cultural elements were considered from the inception of the design; Al Khobar’s marine heritage, local arts, calligraphy, mathematics, and astronomy, artwork, and its proximity to the Al-Ahsa Oasis can all be seen throughout the hotel. The result is a sensitively curated storytelling experience that contributes to the hotel’s unique identity. The guestroom design combines simple, classic detailing integrated with Islamic pattern and comfortable contemporary furniture; a subtle palette of warm natural tones with soft blue accents inspired by the coastal location creates a luxurious yet relaxed ambience for the guest. The hotel has three distinct food and beverage outlets: an Arabian Gulf styled all day dining restaurant, a South East Asian steak and seafood restaurant and a French patisserie, each designed to provide a unique and authentic dining experience. The Grand Hyatt Al Khobar is set to open in 2020, with a total of 248 guest rooms and luxury suites.