DiLeonardo is Redefining Workplace Design

Robert Nieminen of Interiors & Sources magazine features DiLeonardo in his latest article, "Hospitality and Residential Markets are Redefining Workplace Design".

In September's issue of Interiors & Sources, Giana DiLeonardo gives great insight on how hospitality and residential markets are redefining workplace design.

Excerpt from Nieminen’s Article

“Interiors today are blurry places. The lines that once distinguished between home, office and hotel are virtually nonexistent. As people increasingly spend their time working wherever it best suits them (because of mobile technology), the design of the workplace is starting to look and feel a lot more like home or a favorite destination hotel.

The kitchen island, for example, has inspired communal cafes in offices, and touchdown lounge areas that are reminiscent of living rooms or hotel lobbies encourage people to work away from their desks, assuming they even have a desk assigned to them.​ Even the idea that someone could take a nap in the office to recharge is a nod to the bedroom back home.​

In other words, the influence of residential and hospitality design elements in the workplace are unmistakable, and the result is a sort of hybrid space that blends the best of all three worlds. ”

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“Hospitality and Residential Markets are Redefining Workplace Design”, Robert Niemenin, September 12, 2019. https://www.interiorsandsources.com/article-details/articleid/22735/title/hospitality-residential-markets-redefine-workplace-design