Making it better, together. DiCollective, for the common good

We miss our community, interacting with people in meaningful ways.
How can we help make a difference, where can we contribute?

It begins with what we do best and how we can leverage that, for good . We are experts at making people feel and experience their best lives. We live and breathe Hospitality. Actually, for over 50 years, we have helped define it. (in a design sense) At its core, it’s about providing just what someone needs, providing a solution, at just the right time to make them feel welcomed and valued.

We create space for humanity at its best.

Welcoming, diverse, comfortable and authentic experiences. We’re in the business of people-centric design and are being charged to redefine personal space…for the community…the collective…the good. This is the beginning of DiCollective.

We have always seen the convergence of design in different sectors but in recent years, lifestyle brands and cross pollination of residential and hospitality, have become part of the everyday cultural vernacular. We now feel we need to swing the pendulum the other way. Bring the best of our hospitality world into residential. This is everything, from understanding personal and collective space, to the ideas of cleanability and longevity.


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As we think about how we can move forward, the lines will continue to be more and more blurred. We work from home, workspaces are woven into residential spaces, places for leisure are found in living spaces. We had seen small movement in this direction with groups such as Airbnb, but now our hand has been forced and it’s about how will we rise to the challenge and find the silver linings. The way to be better.

What will change in design post-COVID? I think, maybe differently than some…not much. We will continue to prioritize operationally, viable layouts and materials in our approach…things that will stand the test of time, are easily cleanable….efficient and proper circulation…thoughtful signage through spaces to reduce congestion\ contact…integration of technology for less contact (order, check-in);  things we do every day in our work.

Spaces will be more local, and community-based …there will be a great demand for residential developments with enhanced facilities to have “your community” be within your building….there is a huge misnomer in “social distancing”. People DO NOT want to be socially distanced, but we need to find ways, through thoughtful and intentional design, to provide enough physical distance….the social part is what is critical and deeply missed. Design can help solve both of these problems.


All of this really does go to the core of DiLeonardo…and how we conceived DiCollective.

We have been working globally for 5 decades and our process of research, local immersion, finding the story and designing beyond the obvious, is how we can make things better. DiCollective is about elevating our everyday and celebrating community.